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About our carpets

Our qualitiy.Handicraft carpet weaving is not a mass production, that's why we offer exclusive products that will match all your requirements. We also have a gallery or finished products, but we would gladly weave a custom-designed carpet.
Quality is comprised of many components: raw materials, dyes, design complexity... But the most important one is the warmth of hands of our masters, love and fidelity to the old Siberian crafts. Made of natural materials, a Siberian carpet will keep it's original brightness and the beauty of it's patterns for decades.


Our possibilities. Siberian carpet factory has a unique opportunity to weave almost any kind of carpet and we are not limited to by size or design limitations. It will perfectly fit into your home or office interior. Buying our carpets you can be sure you will get an exclusive product. We blended old traditions with new ideas and some of our customers say we work miracles. Our textile designers will combine their mastery and your ideas to create unique colors, inimitable reliefs and complex patterns. Our carpet-makers will entwine a sunny disposition to brighten your life with a real masterpiece.


Out offers. Tyumen carpets have been around since the foundation of Tyumen. After four centuries we still preserve old techniques. We only slightly improved them. Our masters manually create colorful patters. Highly skilled designers control the whole process to make sure the end product is perfect.
We weave all kinds of carpets and employ all imaginable patters, - be it a traditional Siberian colorful ornament, or a Renaissance inspired painting. We can reproduce Versailles traceries, ethnic motifs, your company's logo, national flag or emblem, Le Cadeau's, portraits and landscapes, anything you wish.


Six main directions of our business.

- Custom designed natural fleece carpets for home, office, hotel interiors
- Sketch and painting based carpets.
- Souvenir rugs, picturing a logo, a coat of arms, a flag etc
- Traditional weaving
- Machine made carpets.
- Any carpet or rug you wish