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The history of Siberian carpet weaving


The history of Siberian crafts dates back to remote ages. Home handcraft weaving was quite widespread in all the districts of Tboloskaya province starting with XVIII century. The largest centre of carpet weaving was Tyumen uyezd. Carpets were used to decorate walls, cover boxes and benches or as blankets during long cold Siberian winters. Sometimes Siberians had to cover horses with carpets otherwise they wouldn't have survived the cold. It is important to now that Tyumen carpet weaving was quite lucky in the sense that it was studied and mentioned by many researchers, historians, writers and travelers. One of the most prominent artworks picturing Siberian carpets was a painting by V.I. Surikov «The seizure of a snow-town»


Siberian carpets are notable for their ornamentality due to the usage of black backgrounds and an abundance of colorful flowers. The black background symbolizes fertility. And the flowers remind of gracious summers. The wisdom of black and the passion of red impress and for many people emblematize might and wealth.

Even now at the outset of the third millennium, there is still something mysterious, sacred and beautiful. Some villages still keep tradition of presenting carpets to newly wedded couples. According to legends carpets act as a powerful bulwark against the darkness.